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Last modified: 18 Jun 2020
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Attendance register to be kept for funerals

23 April 2020
Funeral parlours have been asked to ensure that a record is kept of all persons present at a funeral.
Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said that while funerals were still allowed during the Covid-19 lockdown, they were high risk environments for infection. 
"We would, therefore, like to appeal to all funeral service providers to ensure that a record is kept of all those in attendance. 
" This will enable the Department of Health to do thorough contact tracing should an infection be traced back to a funeral."
He said attendance of funerals remained limited to a maximum of 50 people. 
"This number covers everyone involved, including the mourners and support staff from the funeral parlours," he said. 
He said funeral parlours, bereaved families and mourners were also asked to adhere to the following guidelines, aimed at minimizing the risk of infection:
* Funeral services can be held at home or at church. 
* It is highly recommended that attendance be limited to close family only, especially for home services. 
* All safety precautions must be followed. 
* Church funeral services must provide hand sanitiser, attendees must wear face masks, maintain social distancing and take extra care not to be put each other at risk of contracting the coronavirus.
* The funeral procession and service should be finalised within an hour.
* No night vigils, overnight church service, after tears or other gatherings are allowed before or after the service.
* No mass catering is allowed nor the serving of refreshments. 
* The funeral service provider must ensure that an attendance register is kept of all those present. 
He reminded residents that traveling between provinces to attend funerals was allowed, but that a special permit had to be secured from the local police station commander or magistrate.