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Last modified: 05 Aug 2015
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Audit of water meters

27 July 2015

The management of the local water supply will receive a boost this year thanks to an ongoing partnership between Kouga Municipality and the Department of Water and Sanitation.

An audit of all water meters in the region is currently underway. The audit is being conducted by Resolve, a company appointed by the Department, and is expected to run until April next year.

Infrastructure Portfolio Councillor Patrick Kota said the aim of the project was to ensure that water meters were in place and working properly at all properties supplied with municipal water.

“The benefits are two-fold,” he said. “On the one hand, we want to ensure that consumers are being billed correctly for water. At the same time, we will be able to verify how much water residents and businesses use. This information is critical in our water-demand planning process.”

Kota said that bulk meters would also be installed at designated zones to measure the amount of water that is supplied to each area. This amount will then be compared to the amount of water which is being billed.

“By comparing the amount of water supplied with the amount of water that is being billed, we will be able to identify and repair underground leakages more effectively,” he explained.

“Water is a scarce resource. It is, therefore, important that measures such as these are in place to help reduce water losses.”

Kouga Municipality and the Department of Water and Sanitation have been working closely together to conserve and improve the management of the local water supply. It was also through this partnership that a pilot water treatment plant, aimed at reducing the iron and manganese content of borehole water, was installed at Jeffreys Bay earlier this year.