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Last modified: 10 Jun 2019
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Capital budget to fund major projects

31 May 2019
TLBs are among the new vehicles to be bought in the 2019/2020 financial year.

TLBs are among the new vehicles to be bought in the 2019/2020 financial year.

Several big service delivery projects will be funded through Kouga Municipality’s capital budget in the 2019/2020 financial year.

The capital budget, which amounts to R93,11 million, was approved by the Kouga Council on 30 May.

Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said the projects were aimed at improving services such as sanitation, electricity and waste management to all communities, as well as upgrading the road infrastructure and public facilities.


“An ongoing focus has been expanding the region’s sanitation infrastructure to meet future development requirements.

“The plants at Kruisfontein and Jeffreys Bay recently received major upgrades while the multi-year upgrade of the Sea Vista Waste Water Treatment Works, at a total cost of more than R50m, is on track and will be completed in the coming financial year,” he said.

He said other sanitation projects to be funded in 2019/2020 included the upgrade of the KwaNomzamo Waste Water Treatment Works (R8,695m) and the upgrade of the sanitation system at Patensie (R4,429m). 

A further R2,3m per year will also be put towards the eradication of the bucket system over the next three years, with a total of 3 885 buckets still in use in Kouga.

“While housing projects will eliminate the need for more than 50% of the buckets, not all residents currently living in informal settlements qualify for government-subsidised houses, making it essential for the municipality to provide them with an acceptable alternative,” he said.

“One such alternative is containerised ablution facilities, with the first structure set to go up at the transfer site near Stofwolk in Hankey. Other target areas are Thornhill, Sea Vista, Ramaphosa Village, KwaNozamo and Ocean View.”         


Hendricks said another priority was the eradication of illegal electricity, with the municipality set to spend R1-million in 2019/20 for the formalisation of illegal connections.

“When discussing electricity, it is important to bear in mind that Kouga does not provide electricity to all towns. Patensie, Hankey and Loerie are serviced directly by Eskom while Thornhill receives electricity from the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro,” Hendricks explained.

“The electrical projects to be funded by the municipality in 2019/20 are, therefore, focused on Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, St Francis and Oyster Bay.”

Highlights include R5,219m to upgrade the electrical network at Humansdorp and increase the available capacity for upcoming government housing developments, R2,7m for improvements to the St Francis Bay network, R1,8m for the next phase in constructing new 66kv overhead lines from the Melkbos station to Jeffreys Bay, and R1,2 m for high-mast lights.  


The Mayor said the resealing and tarring of roads would continue in the new financial year, with R1,5m having been budgeted for this purpose. A further R363 355 has also been budgeted for the upgrading of gravel road in Jeffreys Bay.

“When it comes to waste management, more than 10 000 wheelie bins have been procured in the current budget year and we will be spending at least another R2m on wheelie bins in the coming year,” he said. 


Hendricks said the municipality would also continue upgrading community and sports facilities across Kouga.

Highlights for 2019/20 include R5,41m for the upgrade of the KwaNomzamo sportsgrounds and R4,44m for the upgrade of the Pellsrus and Sea Vista sportsgrounds, the clubhouses at Loerie and Thornhilll, and the Newton Hall and Aston Bay Hall in Jeffreys Bay.

A further R800 000 has been budgeted for improvements at Yellowwoods in Hankey and the beach parks at Pellsrus, Kabeljous and the Cape St Francis.

“The municipality has also made good progress with its plan to establish fresh food and craft markets at Jeffreys Bay and Hankey, with R1,221m on the new budget to take the project forward,” he said.


Other highlights include: 

  • R8,32m for new vehicles, with the emphasis on TLBs
  • R2m for security cameras
  • R1,7m to buy land at KwaNomzamo and Loerie for government housing
  • R1,6m to fence the Hankey Fire Station and Kruisfontein Civics Centre
  • R1,5m to fencing the Jeffreys Bay and Kruisfontein reservoirs.


“While the new capital budget does not include any significant water-related expenditure for the 2019/20 financial year, water conservation and augmentation projects will be ongoing as we complete the work we started with the R151,2m in disaster funding that the municipality secured last year,” the Mayor said.

“On completion, these projects will have a significant impact on the quality of life of our communities, especially at Hankey and Patensie where water rationing is still being implemented.”