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Last modified: 22 Nov 2018
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Clean-up drive across the region

16 November 2018

Kouga Municipality has been intensifying efforts to clean up illegal dumping sites across the region. 

Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said the focus was on cleaning up public spaces where illegal dumping was a problem.

“Illegal dumping remains one of our biggest challenges despite the municipality having provided more skip bins, which are emptied and cleaned twice a week,” he said.

“The municipality also issues refuse bags to households and there are scheduled days for refuse collection in all areas, but we somehow end up with the same problem every time."

He appealed to the public  to take out their refuse bags only on the scheduled days to prevent animals from ripping open the bags.

"We would also like to plea with adults not to send young children to dispose of waste in the skip bins. They cannot reach high enough to place the refuse in the bin and then end up leaving the bags scattered around the skip.

"Should the skip bin be full, we ask that residents please report this to our call centre or through the Link app so that it can be emptied as a matter of urgency." 

He said that some businesses also contributed to the problem. 

"Shops generate a lot of waste, but many do not have proper measures in place to dispose of this. 

“Their operating licenses, however, hold them liable for any waste around their premises. 

“Shop owners are required to have refuse storage facilities where they keep their waste until collection day. The tendency, however, is to leave refuse on the street curb on any day,” said Benson.

"A clean Kouga is in everyone's best interest and we need everyone's cooperation if we are serious about winning the war on waste."