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Last modified: 02 Nov 2016
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Council to get smart about water meters

26 October 2016

The Kouga Council is looking at “smart” solutions to cut water losses and up the income of the municipality.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the municipality’s water losses stood at over 40%.

“This is water for which the municipality is paying but not getting an income. It is shocking to think of all that water and potential income going to waste,” she said.

She said water losses were the result of various factors, including, old and badly-maintained infrastructure, faulty meters and theft.

“The situation cannot be allowed to continue as is. Not only is the future of our water supply under threat, but the municipality is being robbed of money that could be put towards improving service delivery.”

She said the new Council had identified smart meters as a potential solution.

“Smart water meters have many advantages which will benefit residents and the municipality.

“For example, smart meters can be read remotely, hence, meter readers will no longer need access to consumers’ properties to capture this data.

“Another plus is that meter readers will be able to extract a property’s water-usage data for any given date. This means that the period between meter readings will remain constant,” she said.

She said smart meters would also make it easier to detect water leaks and theft.

“We’ll be able to monitor water consumption accurately and compare the usage of individual properties with that recorded by the bulk meters,” she explained.

“We are very excited about the opportunities smart water technology holds for Kouga and will be engaging with suppliers to find the best fit and solution for our region.”