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Last modified: 07 Nov 2019
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Driver's licence cards await collection

01 October 2019

Hundreds of driver’s licence cards are awaiting collection at Kouga Municipality’s Traffic Department in Humansdorp.

Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said local residents were among the thousands of motorists affected by the countrywide delay in the printing of driver’s licence cards.

“Many motorists who came to renew their licences at the Kouga Traffic Department or who passed their driver’s licence tests have had to wait a very long time for their cards,” he said.

“The printing of cards is the responsibility of the national Department of Transport. The delay was caused by a labour dispute between the Department and the service provider they had appointed to print the cards.

“We are relieved that the national Transport Department has finally started catching up with the backlog, as it has been a source of great frustration for Kouga residents as well.”

He said that while the national Transport Department’s service provider would usually notify motorists that their driver’s licence cards were ready for collection, this has not been the case with the backlog.

“This means hundreds of driver’s licence cards have arrived at the Kouga Traffic Department without motorists having been informed.

“We will, therefore, be posting the lists of names of those whose driver’s licence cards have arrived on the municipal website.

“All motorists who have been affected by the delay, are asked to check if their names are on the list. The information will be updated, as more cards are received,” he said.          

Then Transport Minister Blade Nzimande earlier this year issued an apology to South Africans for the delay.

He said his Department had issued a directive to provincial and municipal traffic authorities not to penalise motorists who did not have driver’s licence cards despite having complied with the prescripts of the application and renewal process.

To check if your card has arrived, visit