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Last modified: 19 Nov 2018
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Emptying of sewerage tanks made easy

13 November 2018

Ward 12 logged the greatest number of service requests through the Kouga Call Centre and Link app in October.


The ward, which includes St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis, submitted a total of 925 requests for the month. The bulk of these requests - 421 - were for the emptying of sewerage tanks.


Potholes made up the second highest matter reported by this ward, totalling 384.    


Kouga Corporate Services Portfolio Councillor, Frances Baxter, said the emptying of sewerage tanks was the most-submitted service request in general.


“The Link app is a very convenient way for residents to report when their sewerage tanks are full. We would like to encourage residents to download the app and experience just how easy it is,” she said.


The emptying of sewer tanks was also the most-submitted service requests from Ward 1, Ward 4, Ward 7, Ward 8, Ward 9, Ward 10 and Ward 13 in October.


Blocked sewer pipes and drains made up the bulk of the service requests from Ward 2, Ward 5 and Ward 6.


Potholes were the main issue at Ward 3 and Ward 14, both situated in Jeffreys Bay, while the emptying of sewer tanks and electricity interruptions were the two most-submitted requests by Ward 15.