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Last modified: 15 Oct 2020
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Estate agents warned against using municipal database

10 October 2020

Estate agents are reminded that it is illegal for the municipality to supply them with the details of property owners in the region.

Kouga Finance Portfolio Councillor, Brenton Williams, said CDs with this information were available to estate agents in the past. 

“This practice was, however, ceased three years ago due to legislation protecting the privacy of property owners,” he said.

“Estate agents already in possession of these CDs were also cautioned at the time that they were no longer legally allowed to use these to obtain the details of property owners.”

He said that should anyone be aware of estate agents making use of these old CDs or the municipal database to contact property owners, it be reported to the municipality’s Revenue Manager, Ria van Heerden, at

“Should anyone be aware of municipal officials making this information available to estate agents, we ask that this also be reported to the same email address as above.”