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Last modified: 18 Jan 2018
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Festive clamp down on road offenders

15 January 2018

More than 500 traffic fines were issued and a number of motorists arrested for driving under the influence of liquor, in December, as the Kouga municipality swooped on road offenders this past festive season. 

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the municipality had planned ahead and was prepared for the influx of visitors and the increase in the volume of road users during the season. 

“We sent out a message that we will have a zero tolerance approach to lawlessness on the roads, in the interest of safety for everyone, and we are happy our traffic department executed the plan very well,” she said.

The traffic department conducted point duties on a daily basis and there was increased visibility, in particular around the busy towns.

Between 1 and 31 December, 548 fines were issued for infringements ranging from jumping stop signs, driving without a licence, speeding, vehicle defects and taxis without operating licences, to name a few.

Six motorists were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in separate cases during the operations.

Van Lingen said although traffic officers went the extra mile to ensure compliance, there were always people who did not heed the call and these sometimes resulted in very unfortunate situations.

“We said before the season started that one life lost is one life too many for us. It is unfortunate that we had two fatalities, albeit in separate incidents, on our roads during the holiday,” she said.

A pedestrian was hit by a car and died on the scene near Thornhill in the early hours of Christmas Eve, while a passenger was killed when a car rolled near the old Gamtoos River Bridge in the early hours of 2 January.

The Mayor said the municipal traffic department was still on high alert as the festive season was being wrapped up and holiday makers making their way back home.

She also commended the law enforcement officers who worked hard during a very busy time to ensure everyone adhered to the municipal by-laws, the peace officers who helped with patrols along the coastline and the regulated car guards who contributed in mitigating car break-inns and theft, though there were a few reported incidents of crime.

The safety and security teams formed part of a daily Venue Operations Centre (VOC) with other stakeholders during the season.