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Last modified: 08 Oct 2020
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First-time electricity for No R10

07 October 2020

Almost 200 families at Jeffreys Bay are being powered up this week.

Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor, Bryan Dhludhlu, said the municipality would be connecting a total of 193 sites at the settlement “No R10” to the electricity supply.

“The first 100 sites were electrified on Tuesday, with the remainder to follow later this week,” he said.

Dhludhlu said the electrification of the settlement was expected to help reduce illegal electricity connections and cable theft in the vicinity.

“Illegal electricity has been a serious challenge in the area,” he said. 

“Illegal connections overload the system, leaving residents who legitimately pay for their electricity without power. It also leads to cable theft, with streetlights being popular targets.

“Illegal electricity is, furthermore, very dangerous and can lead to fires destroying homes or lives being lost. Curbing this practice is, therefore, a priority for the municipality as we wish to keep all our communities safe and serviced.”       

Dhludhlu said the municipality had joined hands with other law enforcement agencies to clamp down on illegal electricity connections.

"In the past the focus was on confiscating illegal wiring and fining those who supply the power illegally," he said. 

"This has, however, not helped to curb the problem. Residents simply reconnect the wiring while those who supply the power make sufficient money from illegal electricity sales to pay the fines and continue regardless."

"The focus has, therefore, shifted and those caught using electricity illegally will also be brought to book. Those who install the illegal connections will also face the full might of the law."

He said the municipality would be working closely with the courts to ensure those involved in the installation, supply or use of illegal electricity faced hefty fines or even prison sentences.