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Last modified: 14 Oct 2016
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From the Mayor's Desk

14 October 2016
Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen

Kouga Municipal Vehicle Fleet is dysfunctional

After an investigation is was discovered that 58 vehicles in the Kouga fleet are non functional and another 14 will need to be replaced urgently to facilitate service delivery.

For many years, there has been no vehicle replacement plan within the Kouga Municipality and we are now embarking upon such a plan.

Interaction between the big motor vehicle dealerships in Kouga has resulted in an undertaking that they will assess our entire fleet to enable the Council to take informed decisions about which vehicles have to be replaced, which vehicles can be repaired and which vehicles will need to be replaced in the medium term.

The 72 vehicles that need immediate replacing include waste removal trucks, compacter trucks, tractors and bakkies that are all essential to service delivery.

Roaming Animals

Roaming animals are receiving attention and Cllr Benson has been engaging with relevant role players to find a lasting solution.

Part of the problem is that animals have been impounded before but the owners rather purchase young cows as it is cheaper than paying the fine and trying to transport their confiscated cattle from the pound in Loerie.

There is also no truck and trailer available to conduct regular sweeping up operations.

Illegal hawkers and car guards

Illegal hawkers and car guards are being targeting by Law Enforcement and a meeting was held with all the Jeffreys Bay car guards last week.

They were informed that they will need to register and receive basic security guard training and wear formal bibbs, otherwise they will be arrested and fined for being illegal car guards.

In this way the Council will be able to monitor the situation, have official parking attendants in specific zones that can be controlled.

Legal steps will also be taken against illegal hawkers trading in Kouga Municipality.

The court in Humansdorp will be supporting both these initiatives.