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Last modified: 04 May 2016
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Help curb fires in Kouga

15 March 2016

THE Kouga Fire Department has appealed to residents and businesses to help curb the devastating effect fires can have on lives, property and the environment as a whole.

“Fires are more likely to start in our current windy, warm and humid weather conditions,” said Kouga Municipal Manager Sidney Fadi.

“In order for firefighters to access fires quickly and prevent fires from spreading, we would like to appeal to communities and landowners to create fire breaks on their properties and to leave space between their residences and alien vegetation.”

He said the purpose of these initiatives was two-fold.

“All fires, irrespective of the conditions when they are ignited, are small when they start. The sooner a fire is detected, the sooner authorities can respond. If firefighters can get to a fire rapidly, there is a better chance that it will be small and easier to suppress, thereby restricting the damage and saving extensive suppression costs.”

He said the space between alien vegetation and residences should be at least 5m while the width of a fire break depended on the height of the vegetation. The higher the vegetation, the wider the fire break would need to be.

“The public are also usually the first line of communication when veldfires break out near or in urban areas, therefore, it is important for the public to have the correct emergency fire contact numbers on hand,” he said.

Fires can be reported directly to the Kouga Fire Department on 042 291 0250 or 042 200 8330.