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Last modified: 02 Jan 2018
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Help us save water this summer

09 December 2017

Kouga has been declared a drought disaster area and holiday-makers are encouraged to use water very sparingly.

“Our dam levels are critically low and the holiday influx will lead to an increase in water usage,” Mayor Elza van Lingen said.

“We would, therefore, like to appeal to our permanent residents and visitors to use water only when absolutely necessary.”  

She said water reservoirs would be monitored twice daily due to the expected increase in usage

“If the need arises, water will be moved between different reservoirs where possible so as to ensure a steady supply of water.”

She cautioned that the water pressure could also at times become be low, especially during the late mornings in Jeffreys Bay. 

“This is, unfortunately, unavoidable due to the high levels of usage during this time. It is a trend that has been observed over the past ten years in coastal towns, as people go to the beach in the early morning and return home to take showers.”

 She said a dedicated plumbing team would also be monitoring and repairing public ablution facilities along the beachfront, municipal caravan parks and Dolphin Beach.

Here are a five ways you can help save water this summer:


  • The use of hosepipes is strictly prohibited.
  • Take short showers instead of a bath.
  • Use a bucket to capture shower water and use this for cleaning. watering the garden or washing your car.
  • Make use of a cup when shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • Only wash full loads of washing.

Water leaks can be reported through the Link app or by calling the municipality’s call centre at 042 200 2200 (o/h) or 042 291 0250 and 042 200 8330 (a/h).

The Link app can be downloaded at, from the Google Play or App Store.