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Last modified: 09 Feb 2018
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Kouga residents pray for water

24 January 2018

Communities in Kouga are holding hands together in seeking divine intervention to the persistent drought which has brought fears of a looming water crisis.

A mass prayer meeting, organised by residents, was held at the Dolphin Beach Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon.

Another mass prayer will take place at the Kouga Dam resort this coming Sunday from 10a.m till 1p.m

The meetings are coordinated by community leaders, community organisations, business fraternity and are attended by the general public, while the sermons and prayers are led by local ministers.

The water levels at the dams supplying Kouga are critically low and possibility of Day Zero arriving sooner than initially anticipated is fast becoming a reality as the rain has stayed away.

Day Zero is a period where the municipality would no longer be able to provide water through the taps and residents would have to go to central points to collect water in rationed quantities.

Religious leaders from the Gamtoos Valley area are planning to start their pilgrimage to the Kouga Dam on Friday for daily prayers, until the mass gathering of Sunday.

The prayer meeting is open to all.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said it was great to see the community united in these very difficult times, with everyone seeking to play a role to secure water.

“While we are busy, as a municipality, searching for more water sources, it is encouraging to see our communities holding hands and doing their bit for us to have more water.

“The water scarcity is not only affecting domestic use, but businesses as well which may have a devastating impact in terms of jobs,” she said.

Van Lingen added that while the muinicipality was busy searching for more water sources and prayers went up for rains to fall, it was important that residents save every drop of water they could.

As part of its efforts, the municipality has been drilling boreholes and conducting geophysics tests for more drilling.

A municipal delegation recently travelled to Israel to learn from world specialists about the possibility of having desalination plants as part of long term plans.