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Last modified: 02 May 2019
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Kouga to become the Events Capital of South Africa

06 March 2019

The wheels are in motion for Kouga to become the Events Capital of South Africa.

The announcement was made by Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks in his recent State of the Municipality Address.

“Every institution should have a big idea and so should every municipality – an idea so big, it sets you apart from the rest,” he said.

“We need to ask ourselves what are we selling? And is anyone interested in buying? How do we position Kouga to be unique, to make the local and international community sit up and take notice?

“So, what is Kouga’s big idea?”

Hendricks said he believed strongly that tourism could be the game-changer for the region.

“Kouga proved once again this past festive season that it has what it takes to become a preferred holiday destination for the whole family. In fact, many holiday-makers were so impressed with what they found here, that they didn’t want to leave.

“We will, therefore, embark on becoming the Events Capital of South Africa.

“Through Tourism, we can create millions in revenue injection into our local community and provide impetus to our drive to create one job in every home in Kouga.

“Events, that will attract tens of thousands of patrons, will grow our local businesses and create employment and sustainable opportunities.”   

He said the municipality would over the new few months unpack the concept and brand.

“I have been keeping a close eye on developments and my staff will be working hands-on with our Tourism section and other roleplayers to increase the numbers of tourists visiting the Kouga region

“In laying claim to this title, Kouga intends to go big - and keep going!

He said upcoming events included the first Jeffreys Bay Beach Carnival in April, the Aloe Cup in June, the JBay Winterfest in July, the Humansdorp Lentefees in August, the Calamari Festival, JBay Makiti and SA Junior Surfing Championships in September, a beer festival in October, biker rally in November, and the Opening of Season and Countdown to the New Year in December.

“We will also be applying for funding to revive the Hankey Jazz Festival at Yellowwoods.

“So strap yourselves in and prepare for an amazing ride,” he concluded.