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Last modified: 20 Oct 2016
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Laziness will not be tolerated

12 September 2016

Statement by Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen:

The new Kouga Council has received numerous complaints from residents about municipal workers allegedly lazing about on the job.

On investigation we discovered that most of these workers are not municipal employees but workers employed by government departments under the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and Community Works Programme (CWP).

As they are not employed by the municipality, their supervision is the responsibility of the government departments or service providers by whom they are employed.

This is a matter of grave concern to the new Council. Regardless of whom they report to, the workers are being paid from the public purse to do work in the interest of the community. In many instances, their work is to keep their communities clean and free of litter.

We are strongly of the view that anyone who receives a salary from government must be held accountable for the work they are doing. Laziness cannot be tolerated.

With unemployment rife, we are also of the view that any form of employment is a priviledge and that workers should value and take their work seriously, especially when that work is aimed at improving the lives of their communities,  

We would like to give residents the assurance that we will be addressing this as a matter of urgency.

If all EPWPs and CWPs take their work seriously and do the work they are employed to do, the battle to keep our towns clean will be all but won.

Together, we will make Kouga a place of which we can all be proud.