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Last modified: 12 Jan 2021
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No active fires threatening homes at St Francis

10 January 2021


As at 7pm tonight, the fire remains contained and there are no active and uncontrolled fires threatening any homes.
The Kouga Fire Department remains on duty and will closely monitor around homes on the eastern side of the affected area.
The fire on the western edge of the affected area is still active, but as at this time is not a threat to any structure or life and it is expected to remain that way.
The plan early tomorrow is for an excavator to create a firebreak on the western edge to cut the fire off from spreading further west. Towards the east of this fire, it has already burnt.
The helicopter and spotter have stood down but will be deployed again if needed.
The public is kindly requested not to spread alarm when smoke is visible. The West wind has brought smoke back over St Francis Bay, as was expected, and this doesn’t necessarily signal new fires.
The Disaster Volunteer Group (DVG), including the NSRI, remains closely in contact with the senior fire officers on duty and will activate and assist as necessary.
No further update will follow tonight, unless matters change drastically.