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Last modified: 12 Apr 2018
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Only put bags out on refuse days, municipality pleads

12 April 2018

Kouga Municipality has appealed to residents to take out their waste only on those days scheduled for refuse collection in their area.

This is important to prevent refuse bags from being torn open by animals and waste being strewn all over the streets and neighbours’ yards.

Community Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said there was a notable tendency by some residents to worry about the cleanliness of their property and not consider the impact that putting out bags prematurely will have on others and the environment.

“There are other risk factors. Just recently we had to dispatch a fire truck to Wavecrest where refuse bags had caught alight. The bags were taken out on a Sunday when no refuse collection was scheduled for the area,” he said.

Benson said people generally knew on which days the refuse truck came around in their area but did not understand the negative impact of not abiding by the schedule.

 “We appeal to residents to work together in educating each other about the importance of keeping to the scheduled days,” said Benson.

The full schedule is available on the website