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Last modified: 11 Oct 2017
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Paradise causeway re-opened

09 October 2017

The causeway between Paradise Beach and Aston Bay was re-opened to traffic on Monday.

Acting Kouga Mayor Brenton Williams said the water level of the Seekoei had dropped sufficiently for the municipality to do emergency repairs to the causeway.

“We will be assessing the causeway on a daily basis to determine if further repairs are required. Motorists are asked to drive with caution as the water level is still quite high,” he said.    

Meanwhile, the municipality dug a second channel at the Seekoei on Saturday in an effort to increase the outflow of water.

The channel runs diagonally from the estuary towards the existing channel and is expected to help the water breach a sand bank that has been hampering the outflow.

Williams said the two channels were not yet connected on Saturday as the tidal conditions were not conducive to success.

“After consultation between the municipality, Environmental Affairs and Nelson Mandela University, it was decided that the two channels would be connected to each other on Wednesday this week.

"This is when, according to forecasts, there will be the least difference between high and low tides and the chance of a sufficient outflow of water will be at its highest.”