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Last modified: 25 Jun 2018
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Proof of address

20 June 2018

Kouga's councillors have been trained and equipped to serve as commissioners of oath.

Corporate Services Portfolio Councillor Frances Baxter said all councillors could now issue proof of address to residents in the form of a personal affidavit.

"The municipality had to cease issuing proof of address as the manner in which it was being done was not legally compliant and left the institution at risk of being held liable for any incorrect information supplied," she explained.

"The Council, therefore, resolved that all councillors should be trained as commissioners of oath so that they could assist residents with affidavits to verify their addresses.

"If any institution refuses to accept this personal affidavit, there is nothing further the municipality or councillors can do. 

"Residents are, however, advised that any utility account or invoice that contain their name and street address may generally be used as proof of address."

She added that councillors were not obliged to issue personal affidavits verifying addresses.

"As commissioners of oath, they will be using their own discretion."