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Last modified: 09 Mar 2016
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Proof of residence for traffic applications

22 February 2016

Proving where you live when you apply or renew any driver’s or vehicle licence has become a great deal easier, with the East Cape government having approved a list of alternative documents that can be used as proof of your address.

In addition to a utility bill not older than three months, applicants can now also present the following documents as proof of residence at the Kouga Traffic Department: a bank or financial statement; municipal rates and taxes invoice; telephone account (landline or cellular); official correspondence from SARS; correspondence from a body corporate or share-block association; a retail store statement of account/invoice; a letter from the admin department for applicants living in residence such as hostels or barracks; a letter with an official date stamp from the educational institution, or the residence, hostel or boarding house confirming student residence; a mortgage statement from a financial institution; a lease agreement not older than one year and signed by both parties; an official tax return or assessment; a recent short-term or long-term insurance policy document or renewal letter; and a valid television licence document.

Applicants who reside at an informal settlement or in a rural area must submit a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor or local tribal authority confirming the postal and residential address of the applicant and/or an affidavit confirming proof of residential address.

Applicants are further reminded that proof of their full names, identity numbers or business registration numbers is also required. Any form of official identification can be used for this purpose, for example, a valid South African ID or passport or, in the case of foreign nationals, a traffic register number certificate.

Companies or close corporations are also required to submit proof of the full names, identity number or nationality of the proxy or the manager of the company and/or the person who is authorised to represent the company in all business relationships or to enter into a transaction on behalf of the company or close corporation, together with a duly completed proof of business address by any duly authorised person.