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Last modified: 02 Jan 2018
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Second drilling rig to speed up water search

15 December 2017
Two drilling rigs have been brought in to search for water in the Kouga region.

Two drilling rigs have been brought in to search for water in the Kouga region.

Kouga has brought in a second drilling rig to speed up the search for water as supply levels remain dangerously low.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said it was critical that all residents and visitors use water very sparingly so as to ensure taps don’t run dry over the festive season.

Dam levels stood at 11,42% (Kouga), 20,36% (Churchill) and 47,36% (Mpofu) this week (14 Dec).

Van Lingen said the first exploratory borehole at Oyster Bay had failed to deliver the water quality or yield that the municipality had hoped for.

“The water is also brown, indicating high levels of manganese and iron,” she said.

“A second borehole has since been drilled north of Umzamowethu. The water quality is good, but we are still busy testing the potential yield.”

Drilling has also started at Jeffreys Bay.

“We struck water about 140m below the surface but plan on going down to 200m to ensure we get as good and sustainable a yield as possible,” the Mayor said. “The drilling of a second exploratory borehole is also underway.”

She said potential drilling sites have further been identified at Humansdorp while geophysics testing got underway at Hankey this week.

She emphasised that despite extra boreholes being drilled, water restrictions remained firmly in place.

“We have received complaints about people using hosepipes connected to the municipal water supply system. This is strictly prohibited.

“Forecasts indicate that the drought is far from over. We also expect a significant increase in the demand for water during the summer holiday season.”

She urged all residents and visitors to use water only when necessary and very sparingly.

Water leaks can be reported at the municipality’s call centre on 042 200 2200 during office hours or on 042 291 0250 and 042 200 8330 after hours. Residents are further encouraged to download the Link app at