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Last modified: 01 Mar 2018
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War on leaks and rain tanks for drought-stricken towns

28 February 2018
Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen

Kouga Municipality will be expanding its drought relief programme over the next few months.


In her State of the Municipality Address, delivered today, Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the current drought was the biggest challenge Kouga has had to face since the establishment of the region 18 years ago.


“A year ago the dams in the Algoa Water Supply System – from which both Kouga and our neighbours, Nelson Mandela Bay, draw water – were just more than half full at 50,2%. That figure has since dropped to 25,6%,” she said.


“Of particular concern to us is the Kouga Dam, which is the only water supply to the towns of Hankey and Patensie. A year ago the dam level stood at 36%; now it stands at just over 10%.”


She said the municipality would continue drilling for water in the Soetfkloof area near Hankey to augment the water supply to the town as this was considered the best solution.


“We will also be implementing water conservation and demand management measures, starting at Hankey and Patensie. The aim of the initiative will be to decrease water losses by auditing, recording and repairing water meters and internal leaks within properties.”


She said additional funds had been earmarked on the adjustment budget for the implementation of these measures and that the process of appointing a specialist consultant to assist with the implementation of these measures was being finalised.


“Another option we are very eager to explore is rainwater harvesting,” she said.


“R500 000 has been set aside to buy and install plastic water tanks to collect rain water run-off from roofs. Initially, these tanks will be installed mainly in the Gamtoos area at strategic locations.


“To take this initiative further my office will be rolling out a special programme to install rainwater tanks at the homes of elderly and disabled residents of Hankey. Not only will this allow vulnerable residents easier access to water during the drought, it will also be of great value to them during Hankey’s annual dry period,” she said.