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Last modified: 01 Jun 2016
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Water restrictions at Hankey and Patensie

23 May 2016

Water restrictions will be imposed at Hankey and Patensie during June 2016 in order for the Gamtoos Irrigation Board to carry out annual maintenance work on the canal network.

Kouga Municipal Manager Sidney Fadi said the restrictions would be in effect from midnight on Friday, June 10, to midnight on Monday, June 27.

The following restrictions will be imposed: 

  • No watering of gardens, lawns and grassed areas
  • No washing of paved areas, walls, roofs, buildings and similar structures, vehicles or other equipment
  • No filling of swimming pools, paddling pools, fountains and ponds
  • No connection of hosepipes or any other form of irrigation system to a tap supplying water from the municipality’s water supply system, except for fire-fighting purposes.

He said that while the municipality would endeavour to have domestic water available at all times, there may be times when no water is available.

Consumers are advised to make provision for such emergencies.

“Water will be abstracted from the Klein River via the pump houses, situated at the golf course, and pumped to the water treatment works. This is the only alternative water supply source for Hankey,” he said.

He said the municipality recently refurbished and serviced the Klein River pump, as well as the pipe work so as to ensure optimal operation during the dry period.

“The delivery capacity of the pump installation is, however, not sufficient to meet the total peak demand during this period. Hence, we ask that consumers make provision for such times.”

He said water trucks would also be used to deliver water to communities and to augment the domestic supply when necessary.