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Last modified: 20 Aug 2018
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Water usage down, dam level slightly up at Hankey and Patensie

14 August 2018

Water usage at Hankey and Patensie has dropped drastically following the introduction of rationing last week.


According to the Gamtoos Irrigation Board, Patensie used less than its quota during the first week of “watershedding”, from 6 to 12 August. A total of 5040kl of water was used compared to the weekly quota of 5761kl.


The usage at Hankey decreased significantly as well but remained above the quota. A total of 8471kl was used compared to the weekly quota of 6057kl.


Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks commended the affected communities for adapting to the water situation.


“We know it hasn’t been easy. There are households where very little tap water has been available, even during the advertised hours, because the water is extracted from the pipes faster than they can fill up when the supply is turned on.


“We would like to appeal to residents to minimise how much water they use when the supply is restored so that the pipes can fill up and the supply reach more households.”


Meanwhile, donations have started pouring in for the drought-stricken communities.


“Companies and organisations from across the country have been in contact with us to say that they would like to donate water,” Hendricks said.


“The first big donation, from Dischem’s offices in Cape Town, arrived on Tuesday. We would like to thank them for showing such amazing compassion for the communities of Hankey and Patensie.”


Those who would like to donate bottled water can contact Gert Kruger at the municipality’s Infrastructure and Engineering Department on 081 528 3721.


The level of the Kouga Dam level stood at 6,88% on Tuesday, 14 August. This is a slight improvement from the 6,73% on Friday thanks to the weekend’s rain.