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How to reference your traffic fines
Last modified: 02 Mar 2018

Motorists are asked to use the following reference number when paying Kouga traffic fines via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


Camera traffic fines are usually sent per mail.

The reference number on the fine is longer than 20 characters and will read HU/80/............./630, where the numbers inserted between 80 and 630 are unique to your fine.

When paying via EFT, the space for the reference number allows for only 10 numbers and 10 letters.

To ensure we have your correct reference number, please leave out the HU, the last 0 and all forward slashes. Include TRAFFICFIN as the 10 letters.

Your reference number will, therefore, then read 80......63TRAFFICFIN.


The same principle applies to fines issued to drivers when they are stopped on the road.

The reference number on the summons will read V51/………/630.

When making an EFT, please leave out the V and forward slashes. The reference number should then read 51......630TRAFFICFIN.

Please note that in this instance the “0” should be included as the last of the 10 numbers.