Kouga local municipality
Tel:+27 (0)42 200 2200
All-hours Emergency:+27 (0)42 291 0250
Alternative Number:+27 (0)42 200 8330

Our Vision and Mission
Last modified: 13 Sep 2020


Good Governance through Service Excellence



  • To create a government that addresses the needs and respects the values of ‘ubuntu’ in our communities
  • To create a better life for all through delivering inclusive and affordable services for residents
  • To create a safe environment with diverse opportunities for economic growth and development
  • To create a responsive, accountable and caring government for all our people
  • To create an efficient, well-managed, corruption-free and legally compliant municipality
  • To create and maintain an effectively governed administration that is committed to financial sustainability

Value Statement

Service Excellence

Accountability and Transparency

Morality and Honesty

Equity, Dignity and Respect

Freedom and Fairness

Integrity, Professionalism and Discipline

Empathy and Compassion