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Last modified: 10 Aug 2016

Supply Chain Management      
Completing this checklist will assist municipalities and municipal entities to assess the implementation of supply chain management requirements in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and Regulations. This is a self assessment checklist and should be filled in completely and to the best of your ability.

Please select from the answers provided in the drop down lists or as otherwise specified. In most cases this is a "yes" or "no". When the answer is "no" please insert a comment indicating progress made and when that requirement will be met, including the anticipated date and the responsible official(s). It is recommended that the Head of the SCM Unit complete the checklist, in consultation with the Municipal Manager (or CEO for an entity). A copy of the SCM Regulations and MFMA Circulars can be found on the NT website
Submission to National Treasury:

To assist the National Treasury monitor SCM implementation you are kindly requested to forward electronically a copy of a completed checklist. Email this to by no later than 10 days after the end of each quarter.  Information provided will be used to target further assistance and training for municipalities, so your cooperation is appreciated. Any questions on the completion of this checklist should be emailed to the MFMA helpline
Municipality or Entity Details Answers
Name of Municipality (select from drop down list) EC108 Kouga
  In the case of a Municipal Entityplease type the name here:  
Contact Person (name): Dr. E. Rankwana
  Email address:
  Phone: (042) 2002 200
Name of the Head of the SCM Unit (if different to above): Ridwaan Abdullah (CFO), Keith Jansen (Manager: SCM)
Question Answer Comment on progress Date for completion Official(s) responsible
1 Has the Council/Board of Directors adopted a SCM policy in terms of SCM regulation 3? Yes      
2 How many staff are employed by the SCM Unit? (show full time staff equivalent, a person shared with another function or working part-time on SCM is shown as a fraction) 2 <-- Number    
  2.1 How many positions are unfilled, ie waiting for an appointment? (full time equivalent) 1 <-- Number    
  2.2 Has a job description been developed for each position within the SCM Unit? No To be developed 2010/06/30 Manager: HR
3 Has a detailed implementation plan for SCM been developed? No To be developed 2010/09/30 Manager: SCM
  3.1 If "YES", is progress regularly measured against the implementation plan? Y/N n/a    
4 Is a report on the implementation of the SCM Policy provided to the mayor (or the board of directors for an entity) within 10 days of the end of each quarter (reg 6(3)) No This SCM checklist will be used to report quarterly 2010/03/31 Manager: SCM
5 SCM Processes:        
  5.1 Is the necessary needs assessment undertaken before each acquisition? Yes      
  5.2 Are preferential policy objectives identified to be met through each contract?  Yes      
  5.3 Is the performance of vendors regularly monitored? Yes      
  5.4 Are SCM processes independently monitored to ensure the SCM policy is followed and desired objectives achieved? Yes Internal and external audit    
6 Are the threshold values contained in the SCM Policy aligned with the values stipulated in regulation 12? Yes      
  6.1 If "NO" are the values contained in the SCM Policy higher than that stipulated in regulation 12? Y/N n/a    
7 Do municipal bid documents comply with MFMA Circular No 25? Yes      
8 Do municipal bid documents include evaluation criteria for use by the bid evaluation and adjudication committees? Yes      
9 Regulation 46 requires the SCM Policy to establish a code of conduct.         
  9.1 Is the Code of Conduct issued by NT in MFMA Circular No 22 utilised? Yes      
  9.2 Are measures in place to ensure all SCM practicioners are aware of the SCM code of conduct? Yes      
10 Are all delegations in terms of SCM roles and responsibilities in writing (other than delegations contained in the SCM Policy)? No To be developed 2010/03/31 Manager: SCM
11 Prior to making an award above R30 000 the municipality or municipal entity must check with SARS whether that persons tax matters are in order (reg 43 and MFMA Circular No 29). Is this being complied with? Yes      
12 Please confirm if records are kept of the following:        
  12.1 Petty cash purchases? Yes      
  12.2 Written or verbal quotations received and awards made? Yes      
  12.3 Tenders and all other bids received and awards made? Yes      
13 Are all invitations for bids above R30 000 advertised for at least 7 days on the website and official notice board? (reg 18(a)) Yes      
  13.1 In addition, are all invitations for competative bids publically advertised in newspapers commonly circulating locally? (reg 22(1)) Yes      
14 Is the "list of accredited prospective providers" required by regulation 14 updated at least quarterly? Yes      
15 Is there a database established to record redundant and obsolete store items? Yes      
16 Are debriefing sessions held with unsuccessful bidders? No To be look at going forward with the SCM implementation plan 2010/09/30 Manager: SCM
17 Training SCM pratitioners        
  17.1 Has a training strategy for SCM pratitioners been developed? No      
  17.2 What is the 2009/10 budget for the training of SCM practitioners? R 50,000 <-- Rand amount     
  17.3 Has the municipality or entity used an outsourced training provider for SCM, other than SAMDI? No      
  17.4 If "yes" to 17.3 please list below the names of training provider(s) used to date (expand this box if necessary)        
  17.5 Indicate the number of officials who have attended the SCM training conducted by SAMDI? 2 <-- Number    
  17.6 Indicate the number of officials who have attended SCM training conducted by training providers other than SAMDI? 3 <-- Number    
18 Has as SCM procedure manual been developed to assist officials implement the SCM policy, consistent with the MFMA, regulations, circulars and the Accounting Officers Guidelines? No      
19 Bid Committee membership:        
  19.1 Does the Bid Specification Committee membership comply with regulation 27? Yes      
  19.2 Does the Bid Evaluation Committee membership comply with regulation 28? Yes      
  19.3 Does the Bid Adjudication Committee membership comply with regulation 29? Yes      
  19.4 Has regulation 29(4), which stipulates that a member of a bid evaluation committee or an advisor may not be a member of a bid adjudication committee, been breached? No To be look at going forward with the SCM implementation plan 2010/09/30 Manager: SCM
20 Procurement of IT related goods and services:        
  20.1 Are you aware that SITA can assist with the procurement of IT related goods and services (regulation 31) Yes      
  20.2 Have you utilised this facility before? No      
21 Does the SCM Policy provide for an effective system of risk management for the identification, consideration and avoidance of potential risks in the SCM system? (reg 41(1)) Yes