Kouga Municipality applauds 2023 Provincial Environmental Awards Competition

06 Oct 2023

JEFFREYS BAY – Kouga Municipality was thrilled to be an active supporter of the 2023 Provincial Environmental Awards Competition, an initiative aimed at educating the youth about crucial environmental issues.

This annual event is a beacon of hope, encouraging young minds to actively participate in environmental conservation and sustainability. 

Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourismg under the Environmental Affairs Programme of the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourism, played a pivotal role in facilitating environmental education. This involved educating communities, schools, and stakeholders on Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Quality Management, Compliance, and Enforcement issues. 

The themes for the 2023 competition were designed to ignite passion and creativity among participants. The Primary School category focused on "Ecosystem Restoration: Act Now for Present and Future," emphasizing the urgency to restore and protect ecosystems. On the other hand, the High School category centred around the "Importance of Renewable Energy in the Fight Against Climate Change," highlighting the crucial role renewable energy plays in combating climate change. 

Regional and provincial winners were acknowledged with substantial cash prizes to honour their dedication. In the Primary School category, the first-place winner is Hlabathi J.S. from the O.R. Tambo Region. Their outstanding efforts earned them a well-deserved prize of R120 000. Moving to the High School category, the champion is Focused High School from the Alfred Nzo Region, which was awarded the prestigious first-place prize of R100 000. 

"Environmental education is the cornerstone of a sustainable tomorrow. The young champions from Hlabathi J.S. and Focused High School have showcased outstanding commitment to environmental conservation. Their achievements inspire us all to work collectively towards a greener and more sustainable world. Kouga Municipality is proud to support and nurture the environmental leaders of tomorrow," said Executive Mayor Hattingh Bornman.

Importantly, all participating schools received well-deserved recognition for their efforts, reinforcing their commitment to environmental education. Every performing school was awarded certificates of participation.  

Kouga Municipality remains dedicated to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among the youth. We are thrilled to witness the impact of this competition on the environmental leaders of tomorrow.