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Last modified: 04 Oct 2023
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Kouga Municipality proudly supports international sporting event

05 October 2023

CAPE ST FRANCIS – Kouga Municipality, a st?adfast support?r of adv?ntur? and community enrichment, is thrilled to announc? its endorsement and support of th? 2023 Adv?ntur? Racing World Championship (ARWC) host?d by Exp?dition Africa from 19 to 28 October 2023 – marking the first time it graces African soil.

H?idi and St?phan Mull?r, th? dynamic duo b?hind Exp?dition Africa, hav? b??n avid adv?ntur? racing ?nthusiasts turn?d organis?rs, showcasing th?ir passion for adv?ntur? sports and community ?ngag?m?nt.

As a part of th? AR World S?ri?s since 2012, Exp?dition Africa has d?monstrat?d r?sili?nc? and d?dication in promoting adv?ntur? racing on a global scal?. 

“This globally c?l?brat?d ?v?nt is s?t to kick-off at Cap? St Francis R?sort, and w? ar? honour?d to b? the host,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman.

“W? r?cognis? th? tr?m?ndous growth and pr?paration that has gon? into making this mil?ston? ?v?nt a r?ality.

Th? 800-kilom?t?r adv?ntur? rac? promis?s to showcas? th? div?rs? landscap?s and natural b?auty of th? Kouga r?gion, making it an id?al s?tting for such an ?st??m?d championship.

The municipality’s support, along with that of Cap? St Francis R?sort, has b??n instrum?ntal in ?nsuring that n?c?ssary infrastructur? and ?xpansiv? wild?rn?ss ar? availabl? to ?nhanc? th? participants' rac? ?xp?ri?nc?. 

As th? rac? v?ntur?s through Kouga and th? Baviaans Mountains, participants will trav?rs? w?tlands, fynbos v?g?tation, dun? fi?lds, gam? r?s?rv?s, mountain vistas, riv?rs, and privat? farms, providing a breathtaking glimps? of th? r?gion's div?rs? landscap?s. 

“W? ar? imm?ns?ly proud to support th? ARWC, said Bornman. “This ?v?nt not only highlights the municipality's commitm?nt to positioning our region as the adventure and sports capital in South Africa, but it also brings a significant boost to our local ?conomy and tourism.

“We are excited to have these world-class athletes in town. It is a huge privilege and responsibility to host the event, and we urge residents and supporters to get out and support this amazing event.”

Join in the fun

Residents and support?rs are invited to help ch??r for th?s? ?xc?ptional athl?t?s. Th? Flag Parad? and Op?ning C?r?mony at St Francis Links on Tu?sday, 17 Octob?r 2023, at 14:00, will b? a sp?ctacl? f?aturing danc?rs, a choir, and a local marimba band, showcasing th? rich cultural h?ritag? of our r?gion. 

More information

For thos? unabl? to att?nd in p?rson, liv? GPS tracking and ?ngaging social m?dia updat?s will provid? r?al-tim? insights into th? rac?. Th? championship promis?s to b? a c?l?bration of comp?tition, ?xc?ll?nc?, and activ? participation – l?aving a lasting l?gacy for adv?ntur? racing ?nthusiasts both locally and globally. 

Th? award c?r?mony, a culmination of th? adv?nturous journ?y, will tak? plac? on Cape St Francis Resort on 28 Octob?r 2023 at 16:30.

For mor? information about th? 2023 Adv?ntur? Racing World Championship, visit www.arworlds?ri?s.com.