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Last modified: 17 Jun 2021
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17 June 2021

SOUP kitchens in the Kouga region can now apply for temporary basic social relief assistance from Kouga Municipality.

“The municipality is set to take hands with local soup kitchens to help address the escalating shortage of food in homes,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “Despite COVID-19 restrictions having been eased, many families are still struggling to recover from the impact lockdown has had on the economy and jobs.”

He said that while social relief was the mandate of the Department of Social Development, the lockdown had made it clear that the Department could not cope with the demand.

“As a caring government, the municipality has resolved to continue supporting social relief efforts despite this falling outside our mandate,” he said.

Hendricks said the municipality would mainly be assisting the soup kitchens with groceries.

This is not the first time the municipality extends a lending hand to local soup kitchens and residents in need.

In October 2020, the municipality took hands with six soup kitchens, most of which were established during the COVID-19 lockdown to help address the escalating shortage of food in homes – benefiting over 1 000 residents.

During lockdown level 5, the municipality, in partnership with community groups, also procured and delivered almost 15 000 food parcels to families in need.

To apply, soup kitchens registered with the Department of Social Development, must sent a detailed application to at 12:00 on Monday, June 28.

Application forms must clearly state the name and address of the organisation, as well as contain a detailed description of the establishment. It must furthermore list all the immediate basic needs of the organisation, excluding appliances and kitchenware, as well as the number of residents benefiting from the specific soup kitchen.