Road between Humansdorp and Hankey to be resealed

20 Jun 2024

KOUGAThe Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Transport (DoRT) has announced an extensive resealing and maintenance project for the MR00391 road, which runs between Humansdorp and Hankey.

This significant infrastructure initiative, estimated to cost over R218 million, aims to improve the 26.5 km stretch of road and will commence in August this year, with a projected completion time of 20 months.

"We are relieved that this project is finally underway,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman. “It includes the Park Road entrance to Humansdorp from St Francis side, as well as the Humansdorp Main Street."

Scope of work

The primary goal of the project is to rehabilitate and strengthen the existing base pavement layer. This will be achieved through in-situ recycling using a specialised machine designed for foamed bitumen application.

Additionally, the project will involve asphalt and 20mm Cape seal surfacing of the recycled base pavement layer.

Other important tasks include the reinstatement and reconstruction of existing gravel shoulders, special maintenance of stormwater elements such as culverts and drains, and the reinstatement of road signs and markings.

Community impact and empowerment

Bornman, emphasised the community-focused aspects of the project.

"This initiative is not just about road improvement; it is about uplifting our local community," Bornman stated. "We are proud that 30% of the work will be subcontracted to local Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs)."

In addition to the subcontracting opportunities, the contract includes several community empowerment measures:

  • Accredited Training for Local Labour: A budget of R200 000 has been allocated for accredited training courses targeting local labour.
  • Training for Subcontractors: R350 000 will be spent on accredited training for contracted targeted subcontractors.
  • Support for In-Service Training Students: A monthly stipend totaling R315 000 will be provided for in-service training students employed by the contractor.

Bornman also highlighted the broader benefits of the project, saying, "By investing in our roads and our people, we are laying the groundwork for long-term economic growth and improved quality of life in Kouga."

Ongoing Public Engagements

To ensure transparency and community involvement throughout the project, there will be ongoing public engagements. These sessions will provide updates on the project's progress and offer a platform for residents to voice their concerns and suggestions.

"Public participation is crucial for the success of this project. We want to keep our community informed and involved every step of the way,” said Bornman.