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Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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13 January 2022


FIVE days’ lead time is required for effective sewerage tanker services.

Residents who have septic or conservancy tanks and cannot connect to a sewerage network, must remember that, where possible, at least three to five days’ lead time is required for effective sewerage tanker service.

According to Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, it is advised that establishments such – including guesthouses and restaurants – make a set arrangement in terms of a scheduled service of the conservancy or septic tank.

“This will assist the responsible department and employees with effectively planning their daily activities and allocating a specific tanker to a certain area,” said Hendricks.

“These services are placed under tremendous strain, especially during the holidays when more tourists are visiting,” said Hendricks. “Although we would love to deliver a service on demand, it is not possible. Thus, delays may be experienced.

“However, sewerage tanker teams start early in the morning and will do their utmost to complete work scheduled for a particular day.”

Under normal circumstances, no tankers will be sent out before 07:00 or after 22:00.

“Any tanker services requested after hours will be subject to an after-hour levy, should it be found that the suction point is broken or inaccessible,” said Hendricks.

More information

To request a tanker service, send a WhatsApp to 081 760 9183 – clearly stating the address or erf number, as well as the municipal account number. Furthermore, confirm whether there are one or two tanks on the property.

A reference number will be issued.

To follow up on the request, contact the Kouga Call Centre at 042 200 2200 (option 5), stating the specific reference number.

Alternatively, residents can report the matter on the free Link app.

The Link app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded at https://download.linkapp.co.za/#dl, from the Google Play or App Store. 

Upon registration the app will request permission to access your location – this is important, be sure to accept. 

To Link to your Ward, click on “+ and Add Channels”. Select the blue Municipal Ward icon, allow the app to geo-locate you and Link to your Ward as displayed. 


If you download the app while away from home, please be sure to enter your address in the search bar after clicking on the blue Municipal Ward icon.


Tips for homeowners

  • Order the service at least three to five days in advance.
  • Quote the erf and account number.
  • Confirm whether there are one of two tanks on the property.
  • Monitor the level of the conservancy or septic tank – a ball valve on a stick inside the tank or an ultrasonic level indicator can be used.
  • Any tanker services requested will be subject to a call-out fee, should it be found that the suction point is broken or inaccessible.
  • Suction points ought to be placed on the erf boundary closest to the street.
  • Tanks must be water-tight to prevent ingress of groundwater into the tank.