Civil and Water Services

Charles de Kock

Project Management

The core mandate of the Project Management section is to ensure successful implementation of infrastructure projects, both grant and internally funded. They must, furthermore, ensure timely completion of projects within the defined scope and budget to the benefit of all in Kouga.

Roads and Stormwater

The Roads and Stormwater section provides a reliable, effective, efficient, and integrated transport system that supports the sustainable economic and social development objectives of the municipality.

The section also has an obligation to plan, design, construct and maintain the road and stormwater network, to protect the public’s investment in the infrastructure, to ensure the continued functionality of the transportation system, to prevent flooding, and to promote safety of traffic on the road network.

The road and stormwater systems, therefore, must be maintained in a safe, effective, and efficient standard, according to the approved Master Planning, to provide a high level of service at an affordable rate for all residents, accessible for all users, and maintained in a good condition with a high level of service.

Civils and Water

The Civils and Water section is tasked with ensuring the provision of dependable, efficient, and cohesive bulk civils, water and sanitation systems that aligns with the municipality's sustainable economic and social development goals.

Furthermore, the section is responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the reticulation network, storage facilities, and pump stations. This is crucial to safeguard the public investment in the region and ensure the ongoing functionality of the water and sanitation systems. 

Water Services Authority

The core mandate of the Water Services Authority section is to provide residents with clean drinking water in compliance with SANS 241 standards, as well as ensure the effective treatment of wastewater effluent that will not be harmful to the environment and communities. 

Their mission is to achieve successful Blue, Green and No Drop audits set as a standard by the Department of Water and Sanitation for the management of water and wastewater treatment as well as the reticulation infrastructure.