Electro and Mechanical Services

Theo Madatt

Electrical and Engineering Services

The Electrical and Engineering Services section oversees the supply, distribution, and maintenance of the electrical network. This includes managing new energy sources securely and efficiently, with a particular focus on integrating renewable energy sources into municipal services. 

Compliance with the Electricity Regulations Act (ERA) and other regulatory bodies guides the operations of the section.

Additionally, the section actively participates in policy development to ensure the integrity of electricity distribution and consumer protection.


As a modern mechanical workshop, the focus is no longer just on repairing vehicles, but providing Kouga Municipality with a wide range of expertise to ensure that the fleet is kept in a proper running condition so that the Municipality can deliver a proper service towards the community in the region.

It is the Fleet section’s responsibility to suitably enforce the Fleet Policy and to ensure that misuse and negligent behavior from municipal workers towards the vehicles will not be tolerated.

Mechanical Engineering Services

The Mechanical Engineering Services sections plays a vital role in overseeing critical services such as wastewater plants, water treatment plants, and various pump stations. The section manages the electrical and mechanical components of these facilities daily.

These services are crucial for preventing sewer spills, minimising environmental pollution, and effectively managing water resources. The dedicated and professional employees ensure the smooth operation of these systems. New technologies are continuously integrated to minimise breakdowns and enhance preventive measures.