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Closing date:
23 November 2023







Kouga Municipality, an equal opportunity employer which subscribes to the principle of affirmative action, encourages applicants from the designated groups to apply for the following vacancy:




  • NQF level 7 Civil Engineering qualification ie, BSC Civil Engineering/ B. Tech. Civil Engineering;
  • 5 Years Relevant Work Experience of which 3 years must be in a management position;
  • Registered as a professional with ECSA;
  • Code B driving license;
  • Thorough knowledge of Engineering Project (Roads, Civil, Water & Sewerage) planning processes and Local Government Sector processes;
  • Sound knowledge of research and analytical theories and practices;
  • Good project financial costing skills. Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent report writing and presentation skills;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Drive and tenacity to lead a multi-disciplinary project team;
  • Monitoring of contractor performance;
  • Must be able to speak, read and write in at least two of the official languages in Kouga Municipality (Afrikaans, English, and



SPECIAL CONDITIONS:                              Required to work in all weather conditions.


SALARY:                                                  R751 083.63 – R974 958.44 Per Annum (Excluding Vehicle Allowance)


TASK:                                                       17



  • Keeping abreast with technological developments in the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, buildings, water and sanitation and storm-water drainage;
  • Managing the formulation of Roads and Storm-water Engineering Design proposals and, providing guidance to technical personnel on the interpretation of procedures/ requirements;
  • Aligning proposal content based on comments from professional personnel on structural possibilities and choices based on physical and/ or other constraints;
  • Executing and monitoring the application of administrative, contracts and database recordkeeping procedures, and controlling the update, access and retrieval of technical information, plans and designs;



  • Analyzing and aligning requirements for Roads and stormwater rehabilitation with operating capacity and capability;
  • Building capacity where a shortage in capacity is identified, including EPWP programs where required;
  • Presenting reports of current and future Roads and stormwater interventions necessary to achieve acceptable levels and standards of service delivery to the Manager for consideration and inclusion into the department’s short/ medium term performance and service delivery plans;
  • Defining/ adjusting the key performance indicators and role boundaries of personnel against service delivery requirements;
  • Meets weekly with subordinates in order to evaluate and discuss performance on projects and to engage in establishing a way forward;
  • Provides on-site training to subordinates by demonstration and practice, so as to ensure that staff are continuously developed and have their skills uplifted so as to allow them to contribute positively to the organization;
  • Manages the performance of staff through weekly plans by engaging in efforts to evaluate actual performance against the standards required, so as to examine where corrective action was required, so as to ensure standards are met in future;
  • Conducts overall planning sessions with staff regularly, so that future action and projects become committed to occurring as planned – and so that the desired results can be achieved;
  • Analyzing statistical information pertaining to staff attendance/ absenteeism, overtime, lost time due to accidents and/ or incidents and downtime and proposing specific remedial measures aimed at improving productivity and reducing personnel related costs;
  • Evaluating the sections performance against budget and addressing deviations/ variances with appropriate personnel;
  • Managing the operational dimensions and resources and cost effectiveness of project activities against operational plans and budgets;
  • Analyzing trends, operating requirements and forward plans to establish/ determine funding/ expenditure for the period;
  • Monitoring and implementing corrective measures to rectify deviations/ acts contrary to financial regulations, audit requirements and departmental procedure;
  • Obtaining quotations for relevant purchases for the Section;
  • Setting specification for required materials or services to be procured for the section;
  • Communicating with the Council’s Financial Section on audit findings and recommendations and institutes the necessary investigational or corrective measures;
  • Establishing key performance indicators and measures for determining/ assessing the level and appropriateness of service delivery with respect to road construction (planned minor road construction prioritized in three year infrastructure plan) and road maintenance (planned three year maintenance plan, routine, planned and unplanned) and repair works for Roads & Stormwater;
  • Managing the operational functions and resources (materials, construction plant and vehicles, depot operations) and monitors utilization and cost effectiveness of activities against operational plans;






  • Manages all the Section’s/ Area plant by ensuring the vehicle tracking reports, fleet administration and fuel data is captured and evaluated and reported, and that plant and equipment are regularly serviced and maintained by the Fleet Workshop;
  • Monitoring the adequacy of procedures and compliance with departmental guidelines with respect to trench re-instatements resulting from excavations, the construction and installation of drainage, etc;
  • Approving roads and storm-water plans, drawings, designs and cost estimates for minor new works and, monitoring the implementation sequences thereof;
  • Evaluating interventions and/ or the design and construction of Roads and stormwater works through external sources and, providing comments on constraints/ applicability with regards to ongoing maintenance;
  • Assessing material design, introduction of new materials and equipment and its impact on the functioning and level of service delivery;
  • Managing Business Plans and implementation plans (SDBIP) for special projects/ contracts in the acceptable formats;
  • Establishing key performance indicators and measures for determining/ assessing the level and appropriateness of service delivery with respect to planning schedules and complying with deadlines;
  • Prioritizing specific projects to achieve targets on Roads and stormwater provision;
  • Aligning proposals to comply with the reconstruction, maintenance and development requirements and guidelines;
  • Guiding the drafting, adjudication and reporting processes with regards to contracts/ tenders and verifying details, terms and conditions, specifications, etc comply with laid down policies, regulations and procedures;
  • Participating in the appointment process and briefing parties (consultants/ contractors, etc) on the terms and scope of such appointments and, evaluating, investigating and approving submissions on progress, performance and costs;
  • Monitoring Contractor performance against agreed terms and conditions though ongoing interaction with site personnel, on-site inspections, etc and alerting the Contractor to any acts of non-conformance;
  • Implementing procedures to administer contracts and the processing of completion certificates and, verifying outcomes prior to approving payment certificates;
  • Evaluating the adequacy of Council’s Affirmative Procurement Policy in providing opportunities to emerging contractors to develop and enhance their skill base and promoting employment;
  • Resolving technical conflicts and contractual claims and preparing the necessary reports presenting councils arguments at arbitration;
  • Analyzing and reviewing reports from the Occupational Health & Safety Officer of injuries, property damage, occupational diseases and public liability incidents;
  • Compiling analysis of causative factors, establishing a classification system to identify significant causative factors, and ensuring validity of reported information;
  • Analyzing and reporting on surveys and appraisals by relevant specialist e.g. medical, industrial hygienist, fire protection and environmental engineers to identify conditions affecting health and safety of workforce;



  • Participating and directing investigation sequences encompassing visiting locations/ sites and communicating with relevant personnel and safety representatives to gather relevant evidence in order to minimize future causative incidents;
  • Managing the inspection of facilities to determine the adequacy of fire safety and disaster control procedures and/ or issuing compliance notification for specific offences;
  • Coordinating demonstrations and/ or communication staff briefings with a view to empowering and capacitating employees and safety representatives with basic safety and awareness skills to identify and capably manage threatening situations;
  • Conducting emergency planning and evacuation of Municipal Buildings and work areas.


BENEFITS:                                             As per standard conditions of service.


Applicants must submit a formal application form and a comprehensive CV, copies of qualifications, identity document and drivers license. Applications must be submitted electronically as one PDF document to recruitment@kouga.gov.za. Application forms can be obtained from the Municipal website, www.kouga.gov.za and must reach the Human Resource Manager on or before Thursday, 23 November 2023 at 12:00.


For any enquiries contact Mr. B Faulkner: 042 2002 200.




Please note that the following can lead to disqualification:


  1. Canvassing of councillors.
  2. Submission of fraudulent qualifications and/ or documents.


NB: Please note that shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a vetting process. By applying for this position, the candidates agree to background checks being performed.


The Municipality reserves the right not to make an appointment.


Preference will be given to applicants residing within the Kouga area of jurisdiction.

Should you not hear from us within 30 days of closing date, kindly regard your application as being unsuccessful.






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