Kouga local municipality
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Alternative Number:+27 (0)42 200 8330


Closing date:
02 June 2023



NOTICE NO: 108/2023




Kouga Municipality, an equal opportunity employer which subscribes to the principle of affirmative action, encourages applicants from the designated groups to apply for the following vacancy:




(Linked to the term of the current Council)



  • Relevant NQF level 7 qualification;
  • 5 years relevant experience;
  • High level Computer Literacy – Office applications with Advanced Excel;
  • Knowledge of Local Government policies and directives.
  • Well-practiced executive office systems skills;
  • Sound organizational and administrative skills;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality;
  • Excellent Communication & Public Relations skills (Oral & Written);
  • Attention to detail;
  • Good research and analytical skills on communication and public relations topics;
  • Must be able to speak, read and write in at least two of the official languages in Kouga Municipality (Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa).

SPECIAL CONDITIONS:                                    Nil


SALARY:                                                         R 888 640.32 per annum (Total Cost to Company)


TASK:                                                               15





  • Analysing performance of current administrative systems against legislative requirements and best practices with a view to introducing changes to applications and methods to support accountable governance in the Executive Mayor’s Office;
  • Defining institutional objectives, targets and milestones for SDBIP and Performance Plans;
  • Managing and implementing programs for the Office of the Executive mayor and MAYCO;


  • Managing the implementation of the Executive Mayor’s programs; facilitating and coordinating State of the Municipality Address by the Executive Mayor; coordinating of Mayoral outreach programmes; planning, managing and coordinating events such as Imbizos, Youth days, Heritage days, etc. that is in line with community participation initiatives;
  • Managing events/ programs through the implementation of a Communication Strategy, interacting and maintaining key contacts with a view to disseminating information on Municipal policies, procedures and programs, conducting research, planning and organizing, and maintaining a positive relationship and mutual understanding with the municipality and its publics/ stakeholders, including the media, in order to ensure that Council receives maximum, favorable exposure on its goals and objectives;
  • Compiling and preparing annual reports for the Executive Mayor and the section;
  • Verifying logistical support in respect of community structures and partnership agreements through implementation of policies and reporting on specific project/ program requirements e.g. Public Participation Programs, Youth Councils, HIV/ AIDS, Gender and People with Disabilities etc;
  • Conducting environmental assessment in all areas that the Executive Mayor has to visit;
  • Coordinating action plans form all departments within the municipality in order to identify programmes that will necessitate the availability of the Executive Mayor;
  • Consolidating reports after every Executive Mayor’s visit to the communities;
  • Facilitating the sitting of the Mayoral Committee meetings and maintaining documentation pertaining to Rules of Order in Council and Portfolio meetings and Code of Conduct for Councilors by reviewing/ distributing and monitoring/ evaluating the implementation of rules of order and policies for adoption by Council;
  • Coordinating the seating of the Executive Mayor’s Forums and coordinating the sitting of Strategic Managers meetings within the Municipal area;
  • Monitoring the retrieving/ accessing of information/ files/ correspondences on request and/ or conducts search on electronic mediums to get information on specific subjects/ topics, and maintaining the correspondence registry;
  • Analyzing trends, operating requirements and forward plans to establish/ determine funding/ expenditure for the period;
  • Managing and controlling the budget and budget implementation within the functionality through evaluating the sections performance against budget and addressing deviations/ variances with appropriate personnel;
  • Monitoring and implementing corrective measures to rectify deviations/ acts contrary to financial regulations, audit requirements and departmental procedure;



  • Verifying budget availability prior to approving requisitions and related procedural documentation supporting specific requirements for support and administrative functional areas;
  • Preparing departmental financial reports detailing expenditure and income arising out of service delivery activities/ special programs and/ or preparing and submitting applications in respect of fund transfer to the Executive Mayor or Council for approval;
  • Perusing and actioning Council and Executive Committee resolutions pertaining to specific activities of the Section;
  • Evaluating the adequacy of current policies and contractual service level agreements and, assessing commenting on the need for change and alignment of terms and conditions to best practices, financial requirements and legislation;
  • Drafting letters and specific short-term reports for the Executive Mayor;
  • Managing and executing the spokesperson role and advising members of the Executive Mayor, Mayoral Committee, and the Municipal Manager on strategic public relations solutions;
  • Monitoring the adequacy of current procedures, systems and controls through analysis and review of reports with respect to specific support functions (Special Projects, Communications, Administration, etc.) and, drafting recommendations on specific amendments to policy to stimulate and maintain efficiency;
  • Defining/ adjusting the role boundaries, workflow process and job design against laid down service delivery requirements and statutory regulations;
  • Conducting appraisals to measure performance against agreed objectivities, counseling and consulting with personnel on developmental goals, career paths and, short-term targets and standards;
  • Monitoring the adequacy of current training interventions through the evaluation of competency demonstrated in workplace applications and preparing progress and assessment reports for inclusion into the consolidated Skills Development Plan of the Department;
  • Analyzing statistical information pertaining to staff attendance, overtime, leave and addressing deviations or occurrences of abuse and/ or workplace conflict through the implementation of corrective measures in accordance with Human Resources Policies and Procedures and Codes of Good Practice encapsulated in Employment Legislation.

BENEFITS:                                             As per standard conditions of service;


Applicants must submit a formal application form and a comprehensive CV, copies of qualifications, identity document and driver’s license. Applications must be submitted electronically as one PDF document to recruitment@kouga.gov.za. Application forms can be obtained from the Municipal website, www.kouga.gov.za and must reach the Human Resource Manager on or before Friday, 2 June 2023 at 12:00.


For any enquiries contact Mr. B Faulkner: 042 2002 200.









Please note that the following can lead to disqualification:


  1. Canvassing of councillors.
  2. Submission of fraudulent qualifications and/ or documents.


NB: Please note that shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a vetting process. By applying for this position, the candidates agree to background checks being performed.


The Municipality reserves the right not to make an appointment.


Preference will be given to applicants residing within the Kouga area of jurisdiction.


Should you not hear from us within 30 days of closing date, kindly regard your application as being unsuccessful.






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MUNICIPAL MANAGER                                                                        JEFFREYS BAY